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The web server provides the following reports:

None of the reports above can identify you personally. These statistics are used by Web Design ebooks to improve our marketing plan and make improvements to the site.

Information You Provide

Information you provide to Web Design ebooks and SRT Services Group of Websites is kept in the strictest of confidence. It will not be released to anyone unless SRT Services is served with a court order to release this information.


We have a zero tolerance policy regarding spam. If you provide your email address you have to request that we contact you. If you are interested in joining our mailing list you have to request this and we will reply asking for confirmation.

Electronic Payments

PayPal is a trusted leader in online payments. We accept credit card purchases and PayPal account payments.

PayPal is used for payments. View PayPal's Privacy statement.


If you wish to determine is you are in our database please Contact Us with Database at Web Design eBooks in the subject.

To check what information we have in our database on you please Contact Us with Check Database at Web Design eBooks in the subject.

To remove yourself from our database please send us an email with the subject "REMOVE". You will receive one final email from us confirming that all information about you has been removed and after that, you will be permanently removed from our records.


No cookies are used on this site.

If you wish to make a purchase, PayPal uses cookies. See PayPal's Privacy Statement on how they are used.


Javascript is used to hide email addresses on this site from spammers. No person information is collected and no harm is done to your computer.

Clicking the PayPal logos will open a new window via Javascript.

Security Systems

All electronic payments are processed through PayPal. Please view PayPal's security features.

Forums and Message Boards

There is a message group set up for the purchasers of the HTML 4.01 Basics Simplified book at Yahoo. Yahoo's privacy policy.

Linked Sites

Links within the ebooks and on the accompanying websites are provided for your convenience. We have no control over what information is collected or how it is used therefore by clicking the links provided you accept the responsibility to verify how the site collects and uses information.

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If at anytime you wish to be removed from our records send an email with the subject REMOVE. You will receive one final email from me confirming that you have been removed from all records.

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